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Project: Ptotic
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In late 2019, I designed a WordPress blog for a client -- Ptotic. The client's main request was to feature an image their son drew for them. Like my other WordPress themes, Ptotic was built from scratch without relying on any other free or premium themes as a base. Key features of Ptotic include:

  • A dark color scheme based around the main image the client provided, which was used as the site's banner.
  • Navigation hierarchy based on the site's most-visited pages and categories.
  • Two different WordPress loops on the home page: one for image-based posts ("Hen Scratches") and one for text based posts ("Fiction", etc).
  • A sidebar featuring the client's bio, recent posts, comments, and site archive.
  • Crimson Pro font and drop-caps make for an easy to read, newspaper-like feel.
  • Custom CSS for the comments section, no need to slow the site down with third-party comment plugins.
  • Fully mobile-responsive design across desktop, tablet, and phone.
  • Navigation bar uses fixed positioning, so users will never lose the menu button.
  • Clean design on mobile devices makes for an enoyable user-experience and decreased bounce rate.