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ASAP is a web building platform similar to Wix or Squarespace, with a focus on ease of use for clients in the health and wellness industry. I designed and developed a new theme for use on the platform, and is a substantial upgrade over the previously offered themes.

My Role: Design and development of all pages.

Tools Used: Figma, WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields.


What prompted me to start designing a new theme for the ASAP suite was that the previously available themes, of which there were three, didn’t contain modern design elements or a consistent style.

I know what clients are looking for in the health and wellness space, having built dozens upon dozens of CrossFit gyms and YMCA sites for Uplaunch and Daxko.

I used that knowledge to design a brand new custom theme for the platform that aimed to highlight the client’s program offerings and membership options — all within a sleek and modern design.


The YGH website was developed to support the organization’s primary purpose of creating change in communities through impact.

Allowing users to explore powerful initiatives such as Impact Membership, with accessibility options, members are now directly connected with their community.


With 2 custom-developed membership experiences, over 200 custom-designed pages, and website accessibility functionality, YGH has experienced a 70% increase in online membership joins, 109% increase in online program registration, and a 150% Increase in online membership renewals.

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